Saturday, 18 July 2015



So in this post I'm going to share with you all a new street wear brand I have discovered. 

I love this collection inspired by the designer Jimi Herrtage trip to south africa. KUTULA, meaning peace has entered the streetwear scene in a big way sticking to a monochrome palette the print does all the talking. There are a few reversible items *silent thank you* allowing multiple styling options, who does not love the idea of this. 

Watching their first ad campaign makes me want everything, perfect mix n match pieces so perfect together and reviving old things you may already own. I think this print is perfect for a Nike or adidas shoe collab. That would be the icing on the cake.

Cannot wait for more from this brand I soon will be whipping out the plastic on their website I have some of my fave items to get. 

"Urban Camouflage print is designed to unite anyone interested in supporting and creating original and peaceful content. We are a positive movement looking for adventure, creativity to champion and new recruits to the #kutulaarmy."

MY Favs (all pics are clickable)

Nicole x
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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Boohoo Plus Lust


It has been a while since I have posted been so busy running around trying to sort out life after university. Doing a couple of internships just finished one working as a stylist assistant for stylist working on a  editorial fora international fashion magazine  eek! Can't wait to see the finished product in a couple of months.

So as you know I am such a fan of boohoo plus and what they have online does not disappoint, a casual browse this morning I thought why not share with you my top 3 faves.

I am loving this camel coloured co ord right now, co ords are still hot this summer but so could see this working into the future Autumn winter 70s vibes adding a bright print or a metallic gold accent would look perfect. This is the perfect layering co ord.

Now this playsuit right here is perfect I am am quite self conscious about strapless bras picture all the worse nightmares of all the bra not staying right. I have tried many and have yet to find the perfect one. If you have recommendations please leave below help a sister out. Anyway with this playsuit I can use the bra converters leaving one strap on yay! Plus it looks a decent length I hate how shot some are my booty and top of my thighs need to go somewhere sheesh I am not about air conditioning everywhere when I wear a playsuit.

Last but not least this shorts and sleeveless waistcoat co ord perfect for dressing down with a pair of trainers a tee or crop top or smartening up with a blouse or shirt with statement necklace and heels

Thats my top three, is there anything thats catching your eye on site at the moment?

Click images to access product.

Nicole x
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Saturday, 30 May 2015

GFW Graduate Fashion Week

Hey all, 

Those of you who follow me or catch up with my blog from time to time will know I have completed my last year of uni studying BA(sons)Fashion. I am excited to announce I have made it to graduate fashion Week so you may see my Collection if you visiting GFW this weekend. Whoop.

For those of you who cannot make it here is a snippet of my lookbook. You can also visit my personal Portfolio site to see more of what I have been up to and for full lookbook.

Boohoo Press Day

Hey Guys,

I'm back. I have had a super busy may with final year hand in, internal fashion show and GFW tomorrow eek! I'm so excited. So this post is delayed but earlier this month I was invited to Boohoo's press day. I was impressed, so many staple pieces will be hitting the site soon. I have my eye and debt card poised for that very moment. Below are some of my faves from the main range and Boohooplus. Has anyone else noticed the collection names on Boohoo such as Boohoo Fit, Boohoo Boutique, Boohoo Night etc. I love it makes it so much easier to navigate through the website no more clicking right arrow for hours.

There was so many rails of beautiful clothing from sportswear to 70's revival. Think co words, fringe, print, wide leg pants and faux leather. You name it Boohoo had it covered. One of my top 3 favourites, which I was surprised me falling in love with was the Retro Retrospective collection warm coppers, rust and mustard colours can be seen from pieces within the collection and I had my eye on a paperbag gathered waist wide leg pant that would look amazing with a crop top and wooden sole shoe.

Here are some other Favs from the day...

Need this bralet and cropped hoodie like right now <3

Some BoohooPlus this fab split maxi and sleeveless duster.

From the #industry rail this sleeveless long length waistcoat and trouser co ord its a thing of beauty defo on my wantlist.

This top is a double denim must I will defo be needing to team with boyfriend fit jeans and some simple heeled boots.

So many amazing pieces what will you be copping?

Nicole x  

Monday, 27 April 2015

NadiaxBoohoo Collab Part 1

Hey all, 

I am so excited, I finally got my hands on some pieces from the Boohoo X Nadia collab and the fit is perfect. I am wearing a size 16 and I love it, usually I have difficulty finding a skirt that fits my waist, but also does not exaggerate my stomach and this fits snug. With Co ords still being a big trend this season this is an absolute must, the colour and slightly textured fabric is a beaut. Im excited to style together and separately.

I have my eye on the off the shoulder zip dress and joggers so in need of these. Check out what is left here (unfortunately this co ord has sold out) or search the #nadiaxboohoo to see how other ladies are styling this fab collection. Nadia Aboulhosn has created a great collection cannot wait to see more from her.

For todays shoot I teamed with my perfect sale find from new look. These bargain chunky boots which I only paid £8. How I love finds like these just what my closet needed. Keeping it quite simple today no flashy jewels (I know for my regular readers you will know how much of a shock this is)

I am so ready for the summer months are you... 

Shop Featured:

Co ord - C/o Boohoo (view collection)
Shoes - New Look (similar here)

Nicole x

Any items marked as c/o have been gifted for reviewing, all opinions are my own and will be honestly reviewed.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Summer Dreaming

Hey all,

Nice weather we've been having which can only mean one thing, Summer is a round the corner. My most favourite season. I would say the usually time to bring out the light colours, flowing maxi dresses and kimonos. But that's just not me, my typical colour palette of black remains with usually a dash of colour. 

So summer equals festivals and Carnivals. I love Carnivals the most a giant street party whoop love it. I have been going to them since I was young my nan was even carnival queen in the past. Music and food, especially Jerk chicken my fave in the summer Yes! washed down with a nice Guinness Punch. Yummy I can taste already.

So as graduation looms nearer I procrastinate as you do when there is so much work to do. Oops! By planning outfits to wear this summer or as I call it Freedom. 

Image Map I have fallen in love with this playsuit from Asos so 90's cool snd its baggy yay! lots of room to eat stupid amounts of ice creams and keep cool. These shoes Oh! these shoes have been in my saved list for ages and when I saw Asos Megan wear them it confirmed how much I needed them. Now I love a good Backpack and have been seeing this brand Fjallraven a lot around the streets of London, in uni and Urban Outfitters. I never even knew they did a mini backpack this is amaze, its so cute opting for the navy to match this Ellese bucket hat. I am loving how all the brands I grew up with are coming back in a big way Ellese, Fila, Kangol and Coogi. It is like a 90's refresh. Teamed with a statement hoops, necklace and a anklet. Perfect. Click image to get to item.

Bring on the heat...

Nicole x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Pinterest Wishlists

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Image Map


So I thought I would let you all know I am on Pinterest (direct link on the right) where you can keep up with my latest wish lists or find pins of current items in my wardrobe. 

Below are my two most active boards I pin to. I love sportswear so of course I dedicated a board with my sportswear loves I want and need in my wardrobe. Also my Want list items I love featuring many brands such as ASOS, BOOHOO, Lavish Alice, Zara and Simply Be to name a few.

Loving Adidas new offerings recently...

That bag in loveeee....

Are you on Pinterest leave your links below :)

Nicole x

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