Monday, 29 July 2013

The Worst Kept Beauty Secret - Mineral Oil

For all the skin and beauty fanatics out there, I think you will know what I mean when I say that I have gone years thinking that Mineral Oil is the devil incarnate.

Whilst I openly admit I dont ALWAYS check the ingredients of products I buy, I have been doing this recently due to my make up artist kit beginning to grow and grow, I have become extremely careful and conscious about what I use on my clients and only want the finest and best quality of product for them.

So whilst browsing on Instagram (I follow a lot of make up artists) and on the internet - I started to look into Mineral Oil and just WHY it is so bad.

This is where I found out quite a lot about this ingredient and ladies you wont BELIEVE what I found out..

First, a bit of background -

Mineral oil is a basic, odourless and colourless substance used in many cosmetic and beauty products. It can be found anywhere from the likes of baby lotions, make-up and ointments. 

Time to hit you with the facts..

It is actually a by product of (and sometimes referred to as..) Petroleum jelly. So yes, that little tub of vaseline we all have IS pretty much what I'm referring to here and this could be of interest to you.

You can see why I found this very surprising and confusing - because just looking through what I currently have, brands such as MAC and Palmers use mineral oil in their products and as far as I am aware - vaseline is completely harmless. Priding themselves upon using fine ingredients and are must-haves for women everywhere, I noticed that maybe mineral oil isn't all that bad.

BUT - it doesn't stop there..

While up until now we have been led to believe mineral oil clogs pores, dehydrates skin and causes break outs, it actually does the opposite.

1. It is contained in ointments and emollients which are prescribed and medicated to TREAT such conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

2. It is seen as 'bad' due to being a sealant. A lot of oily based products WILL be a sealant for the skin and whilst this is shown in a negative light as it 'blocks moisture etc' it actually works two ways - in the respect that the moisture within the product will be sealed over and left to ultimately hydrate your skin beautifully.

The most interesting of all..

3. Anti-ageing giant Creme de la Mer is the most famous and in-demand facial cream in the world to turn back the hands of time. Whilst one of their pots will set you back a hefty price tag of £160 - it is a legal requirement for all cosmetics to have a list of the ingredients on the back to meet trading standards and customer safety laws. 
Following clinical research into what it actually contains, the total cost of ingredients and production of Creme de la Mer comes to an unbelievable £25 AND with a shocking 90% of the cream being pure mineral oil.. 

So there we have it. Yes it is a 'waste product' of oil production and yes it is an extremely cheap ingredient, but as evidence has shown it is actually a key product for several things and NOT what we all expected right?..

I'd love to know your thoughts :)

Rupinder xo

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Alice + Olivia Resort 2014

Its that time of year where many designers are releasing their anticipated resort collections. If you aren't aware of the purpose of resort - it is basically a collection for consumers who live in warmer climates, and have sun all year round. They are influenced and designed perfectly down to the finest detail to ensure fashion is compromised for those who wouldn't buy into A/W and have a constant demand for summer clothing - along with being practical for those who are travelling and generally for the warmer season. 

From the collections I have seen so far, our ever faithful high street stores are not letting us down, and are keeping up with the pace of designer - thats everything from the peplums seen in Alexander Wang's collection to 3D embellishment as seen on the dress (below) by Alice + Olivia. 

I was feeling inspired by this dress and it reminds me of how effective layering looks and how you can use it to recreate this trend. 

Taking this Primark dress, I would use this as a base for incorporating colour and that summer feel - and then use this New Look sleeveless shirt to give it that true Alice + Olivia resort feel.  

To add some dynamic embellishment to the outfit, this bag below from ASOS is perfect. It can be worn to flaunt this style from a new perspective as I personally think it can be a bit unpractical having such large 3D pieces on your outfit - so to make it more everyday and versatile, accessories are the next best thing! 

Alternatively, if you feel differently - go ahead and buy some fake material flowers and hand sew onto the dress to create your own DIY unique touch which no-one else would have. 

Dress - Primark
Shirt -  New Look (HERE)
Bag - Asos (HERE)


Nicole x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Even though Wimbledon is now over, I'm still loving the tennis season and I'm even translating this in my wardrobe. Just like the doubles element of the game - I have also started to notice the key trend of celeb being seen as duos, for example, Rihanna and her bestie & Rita Ora and Cara Delevine. After all two can be as bad as one..

T-shirt - Nicce London (HERE)
Skirt -  River Island (HERE)
Shoes - River Island (HERE)

T-shirt - Nicce London (HERE)
Skirt -  River Island (HERE)
Shoes - Mango (HERE)

Starting off with monochrome - these two were a match made in heaven. The contrast of the deep and light shade is impactful and absolutely timeless. You cant go wrong with a black & white look and it is honestly one of my favourites.

As seen on the skirts - Im loving the use of function for decoration, and by this I mean using a zip as the focal element of a garment. Chunky, metal zips come in a variety of colours and is fast becoming a trend that is over taking the look of 'studs' we have seen over the past year. Bringing the two sides of the garment together, the zip creates the 'doubled' look with being very minimalist but effective and edgy.

Strappy sandals are a must now we are having such beautiful weather. I incorporated the monocrome style into one pair, and in the other I'm obsessed with the ankle detailing. Its so simple and is guaranteed to be a piece that can be worn summer after summer season. However, for all the petite ladies out there be aware of how ankle straps can make your legs appear shorter - so opt for a higher heel and more dainty to strap for a more flattering look. 

What do you think to the 'doubles' trend?

Nicole x

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bags That Bleed - The Truth About Hermès

Having just finished my second year of Fashion Journalism, I was having a flick through all my old projects, when I came across the article I wrote about notorious fashion house Hermès. Whilst I absoutely adored their brand previously, since researching and writing this article to expose the truth, I can honestly say it makes my stomach turn and as such a renound luxury fashion brand, they should be ashamed of their practices to make their bags. I wrote this so that us as consumers rethink what we buy in to - and yes, I am aware these bags are luxury and super expensive BUT animal cruelty is present in countless many other industries and this is just one disturbing scratch on the surface.

So here we go.. Prepare to be moved.

*There is some distressing and very graphic content below, so please be aware*

No one can deny the arm candy that French fashion house Hermès can provide a woman with. The infamous brand’s extravagant leather goods can be found in the hands of endless A- listers, yet it’s hard to believe how the immoral process of production can counteract its indisputable beauty. 

Established in 1837, Hermès has grown from a small workshop business into a company worth £118 billion and is named the second most valuable luxury brand in the world for 2012. Boasting beautifully made scarves, belts, homewear and shoes to name but a few, it’s safe to say that the Hermès brand is an established household name. With a hefty price tag attached to their exclusive handbags, the classic ‘Birkin’ can set you back at least £25,000.  These figures may set hearts racing but the production, quality and aesthetic appear to be worth every single penny to the naked eye.  

However, one of the key aspects that Hermès greatly pride themselves on - is the controversial use of animal skin. Coming under severe fire for their cruelty towards animals, Hermès is unapologetically not fazed by the criticism, and remain having dedicated, high profile customers. Each of their bags are handmade with the greatest attention to detail, from the sewing to the polishing by skilful French artisans. 

It’s the elements of consistency and flawless craftsmanship that ultimately makes the Hermès bag one of the most recognisable and desirable in the entire fashion industry. Its perfection even goes down to the metallic components, as they are plated with precious metals such as gold. With possibly having to wait years to have one of these babies on your arm, the desire for their merchandise is only increasing regardless of any backlash.

Whilst this sounds so far like every woman's dream - I brand these ‘the bags that bleed’ as one typical model consists of an exotic outer skin such as crocodile or snake with a goat lining. 

The catastrophic demand for these goods means these animals have to be bred in confined, horrendously contaminated spaces. Animal rights organisation, PETA, often target the brand as the subject of their public campaigns, protesting that ‘cruelty will never be in fashion’. 

After exposing their brutal methods with video evidence, the footage is disturbing and sickening to say the least.  Killing methods include putting ground chillies in cows eyes to blind them and brutally suffocating crocodiles. 

Snakes for example, naturally have a slow metabolism, meaning that even after having their heads hacked off with a machete, their mouths are still snapping, hearts are still beating and they can feel their skin being viciously ripped off their bodies. 

If you are not one to exactly fly the flag for the rights of animals - another huge concern is for the environment - it is also severely harmed by these processes and creates a toxic health hazard to humans. One shocking example being that the cases of leukemia in Kentucky is five times the national average due to the area being exposed to the harmful chemicals that Hermès use for treating the raw skin.  

With all the stylish faux options available, I personally find that it’s extremely hard to justify these inhumane murders. The beauty and quality of these bags is what blinds consumers into buying them, without considering how they are made. Unfortunately, it’s not just Hermès that carry out these appalling attacks on animals, as more and more fashion houses are beginning to have their cruel methods exposed. Its time to stop and think for a second - who’s skin are you in? 

Rupinder xo 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Man Of Steel

I just couldn't resist creating a post inspired by Man of Steel with its recent release. Everyone loves a good superhero movie, with the classic 'goody' and 'bady' rivalry - I used this as inspiration to infuse it into my (and maybe your) wardrobe.

 With superman originally being comic-strip inspired - animated and exaggerated clothing is a the key style here, so keep these themes in mind as we go on.. 

First off is this New Look 'Inspire' dress which I LOVE. Due to its full of colour and cartoon-esque print, it truly radiates that comic vibe. If however, your not a big fan of this and want to tone it down a bit - then head over to their website, as they have plenty of alternative similar items and fantastic variety for the plus sized woman. 

Next, I opted for this clutch bag. With the simple speech bubble and bold lettering, it can so simply and effectively spice up that simple LBD and add a unique, bold touch to your outfit.

Taking inspiration from a new approach I have considered the key element of the movie - Love for the accessories side. This gorgeous statement necklace represents this aspect of the story as it 
has a striking connotation of romance and the vibrant rose red fashionably represents Lois Lane. 

We all know I'm not shy to say that I love ASOS. So after seeing this - it went straight into this post and my shopping basket!! The garment is based around the typography side of the 'comic book look' and the off-the-shoulder styling, compliments the thinnest part of every woman's body - so its a win all round.

For a finishing touch - I selected these gorgeous nail wraps as a way to incorporate the look from a beauty perspective. I thought these were the perfect use of colours in relation to the superman logo and are a clever, subtle way of embracing the theme.

Voila! instant superhero overhaul. 

Dress -ASOS
Bag -  ASOS (HERE)
Necklace - ASOS (HERE)
Dress -  ASOS (HERE)
Nail Wraps - Nail Rock (HERE)

Have a nice day!

Nicole x

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