Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Loving Your Curves Event

Hi Guys,

On Saturday, I managed to get tickets to this amazing show called 'Loving your Curves' fashion Expo by Kemi's Boutique. Held at Hotel Verta in Clapham, I have to say that it was the most uplifting and inspiring thing I have ever experienced. 

Meeting with other plus sized ladies that have struggled with weight issues and how they have overcome them was so fascinating and aspirational to me.

It was nice to speak to fellow bloggers such as Betty from Big Fat Betty, Sarah from Sarah Smiles, Holly from Pretty Big Butterflies and finally, Susie from Cupcakes and Pearls who is currently working on a project called 'Beauty with Plus'. For those unfamiliar with this, Susie shares women's stories and experiences through interviews - and thats from well known, to just everyday women. Promoting self love - they all share one thing and maintain one philosophy: that it is whats within you, that truly makes you beautiful.

Over the course of the day we were treated to Henna and nail treatments, with there also being workshops about fitness and make up. My favourite part I must say, was the finale, it featured a fashion show, which was promoting young graduates and designers creating for the real woman's figure. We were treated to some garments from Kemi's Boutique and from the events sponsor 'Simply Be' who I must say, have some great key pieces which I will definitely be investing in.

I couldn't help but admire how these women have learned to love themselves for exactly who they are, and I have walked away with the lesson that at the end of the day, we have to love ourselves before we let others love us. 

Finally, here are some snaps of my outfit that I wore:

Beanie - Unif (look a like) £17
Dress - Asos Curve £22
Shirt - Vintage
Shoes - River Island £45

p.s As you may have noticed there are changes being made to ruby sapphire but don't worry we still will be posting! :)


Nicole x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Winter Warmers

Those bright mornings and hazy sunsets are becoming far behind us as we creep closer into Autumn/Winter. I'm currently preparing myself to move back to uni and I've found myself getting rid of a lot of old clothes to make room for new ones.

I have a routine where I buy a new winter coat almost every season, along with some other winter warmers to get me through the sub zero temperatures. 
New Look seems to be swallowing my wages recently, and with their gorgeous coats, boots and scarves, it doesn't look like things are changing anytime soon. I was having a browse on their website just yesterday, and have found some really gorgeous pieces which I just can't stop myself from sharing..

Black biker coat - I absolutely LOVE this coat. Its a new spin on the classic, cropped biker we normally see in leather with a contrasting metal zip. This chunky fabric and cosy fit will definitely keep me warm as the temperature drops and I need a go-to coat to suit every outfit. 

Chunky boots - These chunky boots with sturdy rubber sole will be perfect for autumn, and even winter when we start to see little dustings of frost. Black and gold were a match made in heaven in my eyes and I would live in these if I could!

Quilted Jumper - I'm a lover of all things quilted and the effect on this jumper is interesting but still versatile and casual. I love that I could wear a pair of simple jeans and boots and this jumper will speak for itself. You can pile on accessories or just keep it plain to keep snug and stylish.

Faux fur snood - This feels as soft as it looks and its like one big, warm hug in the form of a scarf! I tried it on in store and absolutely fell in love - The muted colour is versatile, the fabric is luxurious and its such a comfortable, warming fit. It's really affordable yet looks really expensive so this is my ultimate winter must have!

What is on your winter wishlist?

Rupinder xo

Friday, 6 September 2013

Top 3 Holy Grail Skincare Tips

SKINCARE. A topic I truly believe every woman (and some men) has in common. Whether your one to love a full face or opt for that simple, fresh glow -  the condition and appearance of our skin does matter to us. 

Skincare is a factor that goes beyond just make-up and beauty tricks, as it is largely to do with health and wellbeing, which equates to so much more than flawless foundation or filled out wrinkles.

There seems like there is a product for absolutely every kind of problem out there, from anti-ageing to acne and whilst I buy into all kinds of these products, I have began to notice a distinct improvement since my change of diet and lifestyle, more than I ever have with any high street solutions.

So following my visit to the doctors, research and results from personal experience - I have decided on my 3 main tips that will work to keep you looking in tip-top condition for whatever skin type you may have:

1. EAT your water - Hydrating is what we instantly think drinking copious amount of water is doing to our skin. Well I will avoid all the technical blabber here and cutting to the chase that it is vital to EAT your water AS WELL as drink it. This is due to the fluid simply flowing the body and the benefits felt and seen by the body are significantly less, compared to if you were to EAT your water from fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating will allow minerals and nutrients to be absorbed and actually taken in by the body from a natural source, cleansing from the inside to the out. Think water based produce such as cucumbers, lettuce, fresh greens and for extra anti oxidant properties - things like goji berries.

2. Get to know your skin - The biggest mistake we make is not getting to know the skin we're in. Knowing if your combination or oily simply isn't enough for you to find the products and regime that will work for you. There are all kinds of treatments available in beauty salons and even tutorials online for things such as face mapping. This is where you can take an in-depth look at your skin and see the true condition is and ultimately the main focus points of concern or strength. Look at your pores, look at your break outs (if you have any) - where are they? do they need cleansing? what can be done to improve this? . The best example I was given is of women in their late 20's using intense face scrubs to banish blemishes. These types of products are designed for teenage, aggressive acne which is due to hormonal imbalance and will do more damage than good to skin PAST that age criteria. The key point here is that you most definitely don't have to fork out a lot of money to have a good skin care regime, again it is all about KNOWING what is right for YOU. 

3. Essential oils and all natural remedies - Slapping on harsh chemicals we all know - is no good for your skin. BUT there are so many natural anti-inflammatories, cleaners, toners etc. I swear by natural beauty remedies and I am always experimenting to find some really amazing solutions to the various skin care problems we have. For example, rose water makes an unbelievable toner for the skin and clears of all impurities and is a gentle remover of any dirt or residual make up. Lemon juice is great for any dark spots or hyper pigmentation through the acidity breaking down and lightening the damaged skin cells. Rose hip oil is my ultimate love for giving a natural beautiful, dewy and glowing look like no product I have ever used!

I hope you found this post useful and will let me know if you have any holy grail skin care tips or have tried any of those I have mentioned!


Rupinder xo

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sun is Shinning, The Weather Is Sweet

Whether your off on holiday, going to a festival or hitting your local high street in the last of the summer sun - sunglasses are a must have item. The queen of fashion herself -  Victoria Beckham has said she would 'never leave the house without them' and that every woman should own a pair.. 

Asif we need any other excuse to go shopping!?.. These timeless accessories can truly become a girls best friend, and in the midst of a heatwave, a blog post dedicated to them just had to be done.

 With them coming in so many shapes and sizes, the choices are endless. The variety allows for women with every kind of face shape to find something ideal for them and be able to flaunt their individual style with the more unique selections.

 To help with your decision making (or possibly add more to your list) - In todays post I have created my top five list from both online and on the high street.

Bringing that kooky 60's vibe with these cat- eye sunnies, These ASOS badboys boast a thick frame with striking dimensions for a modern take on the classic shape.

Dolce & Gabbana's 3D floral effects, had an influence on TOPSHOP as they release this vibrantly coloured pair. They scream tropical climate and summer, so if you like your sunnies bright and bold - you have found your match.

Add some 90's flavour with these Marc by Marc Jacobs inspired sunnies from TOPSHOP, the chain detailing is classic and will look perfect with any outfit. You definitely cant go wrong with these.

Think Audrey Hepburn with these retro, monochrome style shades from ASOS, the two tone is attention grabbing and interesting without being too over powering, all with being very 'now' with the black and white contrast.

Channel your inner hipster with these 70's inspired pair from TOPSHOP, again with the black and gold combo, this circular 'wonka-esque' has swept the runways and was left right and centre at London Fashion Week.

Nicole x

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