Wednesday, 30 October 2013

NBN event

Me and Nicole were so excited and fortunate to be invited to the Next Blogging Network event in Shoreditch on Monday. We had an amazing day packed with workshops, networking and last but not least food! You can find out about it in more detail by clicking HERE for my full post over on Rouge Rose Petals.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Feather Chain Chic

Back to the typical British weather raining again! *sigh* 

It happened to be one of those days where I wanted to cheer myself up and add a bright pop of colour to my outfit - and what better way than sporting my favourite tee?

You've probably seen this top on Joey from Rough Copy and Beyonce - and it's actually a mens top. However I hold my hands up to the fact that I love mens clothing. 
I can't get enough of the prints and styles available, plus the fact they are comfy and give an oversized feel is a bonus. 

I would wear this top from Criminal damage EVERYDAY. Its like they have captured my whole crazy and jewellery loving personality and put it on a tee. I actually have my eye on the matching jacket - its soo beautiful and perfect. I threw on my favourite staple item - my skater skirt, in this wet look material to add more texture to this outfit. Plus being slightly waterproof is definitely a must with all this rain. 

To finish, I wore my fringed biker jacket and my Maxwell boots from Topshop to give a more rock chic vibe.

Get the look:
Jacket - Primark (Look-a-like)
Top - Criminal Damage £31.99
Shoes - Topshop £36

Have a good Sunday

Nicole x 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys,

Long time no speak! I know it's been a while since I've posted - but I have been so busy! and I shall neglect no more.  So, the question is - what's been happening since I've been gone?!..
 well Holly at PrettyBigButterflies nominated us for an award. Whooop!!! The award we have been nominated for is the Versatile blogger award and this is how it works - Display the award on your blog, Mention/link the amazing people who nominated you, Nominate 15 other blogs/bloggers who you feel should be given this award, Tell them you have nominated them, Write 7 facts about yourself. 

Okay let me begin 7 facts about myself:

1. I Love spicy food 

2. Favourite colour is blue, so everything has to be blue even my car

3. My dream holiday would be shopping in all the biggest malls, like a round the world shopping trip

4. I study fashion at uni

5. I'm a hoarder of anything Asos 

6. Going to New York and Florida on holiday next year, cannot wait to return to america, all those clothes <3

7. I'm kind of a tomboy 

And the bloggers ive chosen, check out their blogs links posted with names. Enjoy your nomination guys you deserve it. 

1. Lucy @ it's Lily Locket

2. Ritika @ Bling Sparkles & You 

3. Clement @ Clement Ana Fashion

4. Louise @ Fashion Fumblings

5. Jodie @ Be A Goddess

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9. Bine @ Bine Button

10. Beth @ Once Upon a Plus Size

11. Molly @ What Molly loves 

12. Zoe @ ZoeGorgina

13. Dani @ DiyFatshion

14. Martha @ Think Pink

15. Cat @ The bitch blogs

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Halloween Beauty Inspiration

The best part of Halloween is getting to dress up. Any excuse to play around with crazy make-up and outrageous outfits and I'm there! I especially loved it whilst growing up, and enjoyed my mum dressing me up in something new and scary each year (once I was a strawberry, so I guess not 'everryy year')..  and since I didn't do much the previous Halloween I'm determined to go all out this time round.

I've been scouring the net for primarily make up and beauty inspiration to base my look on for the occasion and then decided I'll organise an outfit around that.. Just like any beauty addict would, right?

I managed to find some pretty amazing looks and thought I'd share a few with you in this post if you feel as though you want to get creative with me:

The stunning Carli Bell did this gorgeous 'sexy vampire' look which would look amazing for those going on a night out who want the perfect balance of glam and creativity. Just click HERE for a step by step tutorial.

Hands down my favourite - Nicole Guerriero's 'female mad hatter' look which I am in LOVE with. Its so beautiful, creative and halloween appropriate. She has taken into account the characteristics of the infamous mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland to create this faultless, creative make-up. Click HERE for the tutorial.

Jessica Harlow's look of the 'Sexy chucky doll' is so unique. I love how she combined the innocence and scary, dark side to the character and created it perfectly. The make-up isn't too overbearing and is definitely a great option if your going to go all out to a fancy-dress party. Click HERE for the tutorial.

And finally, some pintrest images which have really caught my eye:

I hope you found this inspiring and helpful and have an amazing Halloween!

Rupinder xo

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dare To Bare For Breast Cancer

You may or may not have seen the #daretobare campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness that has been started by the lovely people at Escentual and has seen many celebrity women, go fresh faced on social media and on TV in aid of the charity. 

Breast cancer is still the largest killer in women across the world, and October is officially the month of Breast cancer awareness - so now is the time to bare all for this amazing cause. Cancer tragically affects 1 in every 5 people and regardless of age, size and sex, it can come in so many different forms and types that there are tonnes of facts people are still unaware of. However, early detection means earlier treatment and the chances of a full recovery are significantly stronger. This is exactly the beauty and purpose of the campaign.

If your unsure about what the concept is - its super easy and there are two ways to go about it..

1. Tag your au naturel shot on twitter using the hash tag - Snap yourself without a scrap of make up and post it on twitter with the hash tag 'daretobare'. Get it known that your supporting the cause and encourage your followers to do the same.

2. Sponsored Dare to Bare - Choose a certain amount of time that suits you and get people to sponsor you to go that entire period slap free. It's a great way to both raise money and awareness throughout the month.

For most women, the prospect of going out without a spot of make up on can be really daunting - but Escentual has also devised a 'Dare to bare prep kit' which features a range of products to help you look the best you can and feel the most confident whilst taking part. 

Just a few names of what is featured includes Bioderma make-up remover, Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Cream and Vichy Idealia Life Serum, with all these including a generous 10% donation to Breast Cancer Awareness with each product purchased!

If you don't feel this is for you, then why not try the Pink Friday campaign? Again being extremely easy - all you need to do is just take one of your Fridays out this month to wear something pink, eat pink cake, throw a pink party - whatever you want! 

For all beauty fanatics out there - Nails inc have created a gorgeous, glittery pink nail colour as a collaboration with the charity, and you can pick it up from your local Boots or Superdrug for around £11. Simply paint your pinkie finger with this colour to show your support! 

There are so many other ways to get involved even if you choose to opt out of the Escentual approach. I hope you join in at some point during October and feel free to follow me on twitter '@rupinder_mundra' to see my dare to bare journey later this month!

I also wanted to include a link to the most inspirational quotes that have really touched me and raises the importance of checking yourself not to mention the fight we have against this together -

Good luck!

Rupinder xo

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