Wednesday, 29 January 2014

S/S '14 Beauty Trends #2

Summer is the time for soaking up the sun and embracing minimal make-up as the temperatures soar (or so we wish they would in the UK). As part two of the S/S '14 beauty trends I am lusting over this gorgeous make-up look from the DK runway and oh my gosh.. its beyond gorgeous!

I just think this is the most perfect balance of being fresh faced and glowing without feeling too bare - it's without doubt the definition of bronzed goddess. I love how the shimmery colour on the eye is incredibly subtle but makes such a striking impact and how the skin is very fresh and dewy with the main focus being on creating a sun-kissed effect. 

To create the look at home, take a shimmery bronzer and sweep over the lid generously and along the lower lash line, follow up with a REALLY thin line of black eyeliner which you can apply by pushing into the lash line. Apply mascara to complete the eyes and begin to concentrate on the skin by applying a tinted moisturiser for sheer coverage and a real 'skin' appearance. To the high points of the cheeks only, add a matte, coral toned blush and finish with some powder where its necessary. For the lips, opt for a brown undertone lipstick which you can read more about HERE and finally with a sheer, clear gloss over the top - your all done!

What do you think to this look? Don't forget to let me know if you try this out at home!

Rupinder xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

S/S '14 Beauty Trends #1

I love keeping myself up to date with whats new in the fashion and beauty industry by looking at trend forecasts for the upcoming seasons. I enjoy being experimental with my products, looks and techniques in order to try and figure out what works for me and which would also be best for a variety of skin tones, face shapes etc for the benefit of a wider clientele. I can't help myself but to share my findings with these kinds of things so as we approach the end of January, lets think to the future.

 Today I welcome you into the first part of the S/S '14 beauty trend series which will be a 3 part segment that will discuss my personal favourite trends for the next season with regards to where they have been featured and how to achieve them at home.

Taken from Naeem Khan S/S '14 doesn't this overall look just scream summer glam?! I have been obsessed with doing crown braids recently and sported the look myself for New Years Eve..

If you would like to see how I achieved that look then just click HERE to be taken over to my personal blog Rouge Rose Petale. However, it's not just the hair that gets me weak at the knees - its that gorgeous, fresh make-up. The pop of fuchsia would look amazing on SO many skin tones and the glossy effects that are channelled through both the eyes and lips are so subtle but beautiful. There are endless shimmery brown shadows on the market, particularly with Urban Decay's Naked 1 stealing the crown for best Neutral Palettes of all time so grab any one that you fancy. For that extra glossy effect use a glitter liquid liner over the top of your shadow or for a more natural approach, dab on some Vaseline for an absolutely gorgeous sheen that you can add also on top of your lipstick.. who says you need expensive products?

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the next part coming soon :D 

Rupinder xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sports Luxe Lookbook: Look 1

Hey all,

Just a quickie. As I revealed before I created a mini Lookbook creating sporty style outfits. Here is my first look which is a continuation of my last OOTD featuring more angles and close ups, I was channelling my inner diva. Hope you like it, please comment I would love to know what you think :)  

Nicole x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sports Luxe

Hey all, 

Recently I have created a mini lookbook inspired by all my recent purchases, yes the sales have been good to me this year. I created my Lookbook inspired by sports luxe creating comfortable chic styles. I adore this Carmakoma jumper from MSSVG so colourful and I love the retro edge it added to this outfit. My new favourite heels in my collection are these from Topshop Yes they are old season but I don't care I love them too much, I have had my eye on them for a while and the bargain price I got them for from the original was too good for me to pass up.

Hope you like, stay tuned Lookbook images will be following in upcoming posts :)

Get the look:
Top - MS❤SVG
Skirt - G21
Shoes - Topshop (similar style here)

Nicole x

Thursday, 2 January 2014

5 Reasons To Drink More Water

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We all know the emphasis that is put upon drinking water for a good beauty and health regime. I personally love water and drink it all day, everyday with the exception of a coffee in the morning and the odd hot chocolate. It's a beverage that is widely available, its clean, pure and everything in one. There is so much confusion out there towards juices and their health benefits - but most of the juices you find on your everyday supermarket shelves are PACKED with sugar, additives and all the other nasty stuff. Unless it is labelled as good, honest juice it's really not worth drinking as you may as well scoff heaped spoons of sugar. So unless your guzzling fresh, home-made juices and want to embrace a glowing complexion, aid to weight loss and have the fountain of youth within your hands.. here are 5 reasons why you NEED to drink more water:

1. Aid to weight loss - A recent study has shown that people who sip on water whilst having their meal, consume at least 100 calories less than someone who wouldn't. It helps digestion and avoids excessive eating or post-meal cravings which are a common cause in weight gain.

2. Skincare benefits - Water flushes out all the toxins of your body and is essentially one of the most effective ways of your skin being healthy, bright and youthful looking. With products you have some that work better for others, water is guaranteed to work for EVERYONE.

3. Fitness - Keeping your body hydrated is vital for those who work out and exercise. As you sweat and lose some of your bodily fluid - it is so important to replenish what is lost. Water can also help build muscles more effectively as it carries oxygen cells to the muscle and assists in toning.

4. Future Wellbeing - As our bodies age we become more prone to health complications and issues which are a part of life. However, I believe in prevention over cure and would much rather ensure that I am less likely to experience such issues and taking care of your body's hydration is the best place to start. Joints for example, are reliant on hydration and water will prevent the likes of arthritis.

5. Energy- Water reduces fatigue and by keeping your brain hydrated, you concentrate better and focus much more effectively. Your energy levels become naturally boosted and is incredibly energising.

I have a whole healthy living segment over on my personal blog Rouge Rose Petale, so if you liked this post head over there for more like this! :)

Happy New Year Everyone and lets make 2014 healthy and beautiful!

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