Thursday, 27 February 2014

DIY Stiletto Nails

Doing 2 blogs, a youtube channel and trying to hold down the demands of being a third year student are proving more and more stressful and difficult to manage. However fear not, this isn't me waving goodbye to anything - this is me balancing my time well and attempting to manage everything to a strict schedule.. We'll see how it goes but let me fill you in a little more!

I've decided to incorporate Rouge Rose Petale and my posts over there onto Ruby Sapphire - whether it be the most popular post or the one I preferred for the week - I think it will work out better this way and I'm delving into my 1 month trial period. Please do comment below if you like this new system I have going on :). 

Moving swiftly on to todays post.. brace yourself! Its a good 'un:

Nail trends come and go, but for the past few months there have been a huge rise in demand for the stiletto/almond shape nail as seen sported by our favourite a-list celebs. I am used to keeping my nails in the perfect square, however I did fancy a change recently so I decided to try and test the best tips for the perfect stiletto.

I tried several different methods relentlessly - many of which were very time consuming and high maintenance despite turning out exactly as I intended. After finally finding my favourite method, it is something that is quick, effective and gives the look of beautiful, salon nails in two very simple steps.

What you will need:

Black nail varnish
Nail Cutter
Nail File

1. Make sure your nails are even with a flat, square tip and mark the middle of the nail tip by using your black nail varnish.

2. Snip down either side of the black mark very carefully and file in a one way motion to round off in your desired shape.

- I like my points to be very subtle and not as sharp, so follow this routine to get your ideal finish.

And then your all done :)

What are your thoughts on stiletto nails?

Rupinder x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Asos Wishlist: Pastels

Hi All, 

I've Had a recent love affair with pastels recently seeing it splashed all over the lucky LFW goers and all over my magazines I can see the recent hype. I need to top up my wardrobe with these candyfloss pinks, lilac's and blue hues, so lady like and elegant. Plus it brightens up this dull weather we have been experiencing a bit of pink and wind instantly it turns from looking like your in a wind machine to being on the cover of vogue casually posing :) perfect if I must say so myself. So on one of my many trips to the ASOS website I decided to look for the perfect pastel combination for me and below is what I came up with entitled "I Want A Pastel Romance" (p.s click pic if you want to grab or purchase any items :D). Using this amazing website called Grabble that allow you to follow Retailers and other members and "Grab" items off the website and save to your collection, wait there is more they also notify when the item is on sale no more stalking an item non stop for me Yayyyy! 

I wanted to step away from my usual streetwear influence and capture my more feminine side opting for pinks but not going so over the top I looked like a giant candyfloss. I kept my favourite colour in there to keep me safe by using this Blue midi with pockets perfect for me as I am forever chucking my lip balm in my pockets I would lose it for sure in my bag. Those Pink cleated sole heels are perfection I need all the colours <3 Adding a grey coat and white bag as more neutral colours for the colours to pop.

Have you got a love affair with pastel, what would you buy?

Nicole x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

S/S 14 Beauty Trends #3

The final post of my S/S '14 beauty trends is all about the base and channelling the beautiful season through our make-up. I am an avid highlighting obsessive and I can never get enough of flawless, dewy skin that just effortlessly glows. Chloe had the most amazing, natural make-up that exhibited stunning make-up - which is why I just had to dedicate this post to the look.

I love how everything is so minimal but well put together, fresh and vibrant without being over the top. Make-up artist for the show Diane Kendal mentioned that she wanted to reflect the beautiful flowing garments, through the make-up and enhance a very perfect, girl next door appearance. To get the look at home, all you need to do is ensure your skin is well moistursised with a non-greasy product and apply a brightening eye cream to maintain a good skin care routine. Then grab MAC's strobe cream and mix a small pea sized amount of foundation with the same amount of cream and you will have incredible, dewy skin. Strobe cream is a gorgeous, cream highlighter and is formulated to look natural in all forms of lighting - making it a make-up artists dream on photo shoots! Blend all your product well and simply curl your lashes to open up your eyes and dab on some Carmex (or your favourite lip balm) for a soft pout. 

Simple! This is so versatile for an everyday routine in the summer as too much on your face will just sweat off and get blotchy -  remember less is more!

What do you think to this look?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sports Luxe Lookbook : Look 3

Hey All, 

So this is the last and final look of the lookbook. I opted for a more sporty date outfit with that time of year fast approaching. I adore this jacket from Monki, they are one of my favourite stores in london can always find a bargain in there so very affordable as well, perfect for a shopaholic like myself.

Enjoy :) 

Nicole x

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