Friday, 22 August 2014

Get Ready to Stare

Hey beauties, 

Wow! Technology has been unkind to me trying to get this post ready to post to you guys. The struggle crashing computers not been able to edit and publish but still I struggled through. It may be late over in England but still daylight over here. I Apologise in advance as soon as I can I will edit all mistakes xxx

So I am sharing with you a brand I recently discovered. You may have heard of it you may not. Let me fill you in, the brand is called Ready to Stare

Now we all know how I'm a sucker for the 90's and I must say the owner from ready to Stare Alysse just gets it nailing the 90's flavour think clueless, fresh prince, saved by the bell all wrapped into one.

Let me catch you up on who Ready to Stare is. 'Founded in late 2011 in Chicago, Ready-to-Stare draws on Dalessandro’s experience curating ‘90s clothing and her training as a jeweler and metalsmith while studying at Loyola University Chicago and Lillstreet Art Center...As a trained metalsmith, Dalessandro uses traditional metalworking techniques such as sawing, forming, soldering, drilling, riveting and metal coloration to bring the collection to life.' 

The latest collection which dropped today "it's a 90's kind of world" name speaks for itself but I also have some pages of my favourite looks from the lookbook. To see the rest I will leave link at the end trust me it's not one to miss.

Viewing this collection is like remembering the best days of my life. How could you not forget the endless choice of program's to watch setting up the VCR so you missed nothing. patiently waiting for the top 20 to come on waiting by the stereo to hit play just so you can have your own mixtape of the latest hits. The fashion faux pas and the clothing you just wish you had kept.

'The collection features more than 60 new items including handmade jewelry, body chains and apparel. All clothing is available in sizes S-4X and body chains are available in sizes S-3X. Prices range from $5 for a kitschy googly eye ring to $89 for a luxe velvet bubble skirt. So as long as you've got the confidence, there's something for every size and budget.'
I Asked the owner Alysse some questions about her 90's kinda world?

Here is what she said....

1) As this collection is inspired by the 90's what was your fashion faux pas something, you regret?

This probably sounds crazy but I don't believe in fashion faux pas. My love of fashion is born from the innovators, the risk-takers, and the people not afraid to end up on the worst dressed list. Think Lil Kim's '99 VMA boob onesie or Justin and Britney's matching all-denim looks. These looks were judged harshly but years later, we remember them! These fashion faux pas and other bold looks from the 90s were actually inspirations for this collection. I love the idea of taking risks with fashion. Some people will get it; most people will judge it, but eventually, but years later, they will be copying!

2) Also as this collection has a lot of Vintage fashion, What Fave 90's clothing item do you wish you could to get back?

This collection was all about finally making some of the items I wished I could've found in the 90s. Since the movie Clueless came out, I wanted Dionne's red vinyl skirt and I designed one for this collection! I also made black PVC gloves like the ones seen in the Spice Girls "Say You'll Be There" video. I loved the bright bold Versace prints of the early 90s and I designed a pencil skirt with a similar print. This collection to me has so many of the pieces that I wished I had from the 90s.

So I ask you guys the same questions would love to know what was your fashion hit and misses of the 90's? What are your thoughts on the collection?

So check out the full lookbook -》Here or at Facebook -》Here
Shop the collection -》Here

For you lucky readers Ready to stare is offering you a 10% off coupon code when you use 'BLOGGERPREVIEW' 

Nicole x

Quotes marked with ( ' ) have been taken from the Ready to Stare website

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Layer Playa

Hey Beauties,
As I sit and type this I am packed and ready for my travels (got to do something right while sitting in the airport). I'm so excited to revisit New York and Florida. This break is needed a little time for moi to wind down, in preparation for my third and final yr. So there will be one more post which I have just got prepped and ready, ima excited to share this with you. After this you can always reflect upon old posts before I hit you with that new new.
So since it's coming to the end of summer I thought I would create a back to School/Uni or even work look. So a few months back I found this amazing vintage store through Twitter Called Vintage Yard. Let me give you a little info on them. They are a collective of vintage fashion lovers. Their shared love of vintage/Retro fashion lead them to create a platform in which you can connect with them through fashion and art. Providing us the costumer with "Quality clothes at affordable prices." I must say this is true they are welcoming and the quality is second to none. Trust me I have had run in with bad online vintage sellers. Smelly clothes, stains etc the worst. (shivering at the thought of this)
So I purchased this Knitted Cardigan from them it was so affordable, perfect for a struggling shopaholic such as myself (don't give me those eyes I can stop if I want to....says me never ahaha) It is a closet must for me not only is it welcoming the on trend colours of this season, but it is an essential layering piece. 
I have styled it with this crop top with neck piece and layered a mesh tee on top. Can I just take a moment for these short faux leather trousers from Zara can I say perfect or what.
Shop Featured:

Cardigan - Vintage Yard
Crop Top - Ebay (up to size 20)
Mesh Tee - Ebay
Shorts - ZARA
Shoes - ASOS

Nicole x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Shop Your Stash #5

Hey Beauties,

So its that time of the month again, its stash shopping time. This is just a quickie but I thought I would share with you some items. I have gained the past few months. My colour inspiration was purple. Why I don't know these items have been screaming at me from my wardrobe in need of being made the star of my blog for a small moment. Sooooo here you go. 

I am mad for cleated soles when I picked these up for a bargain price of £10 I knew they had to be mine. Not having seen a boot in this colour I knew I needed them to add a dash of colour to the greys I have in my wardrobe.

I had this bag for quite some time, not being a small bag person (I never carry lightly all my essentials have to be with me at all times) I was sold on this one the spikes had me at hello. The easy transformation from clutch to shoulder bag is wonderful for a lazy bag holder like myself. 

Shop Featured:

Shoes - Bank (similar here)
Bag - Just Fab

Other Ladies in the Challenge :)

Nicole x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Styling Challenge: Gladiator Glamour

Hey Beauties,

So I received this beautiful waistcoat from Blank Etiquette by Tosca Wyss and to say I am in love with it is a understatement. I love discovering new fashion designers, you can find some amazing work which the high street just cannot offer.  

 So I decided to set myself a mini style challenge, I am going to style this waistcoat in completely different looks. How many Not sure yet but ideas are flowing already. I usually do this in bored moments and I get a burst of energy so I thought hmmm... why not document it. This will run in between my usual posts.

This waistcoat is the perfect transitional season piece perfect for layering. I cannot wait to style and show you. And being menswear bonus comfy and androgynous hmmmm...

Enjoy :D 

Got any suggestions for styling comment below I just may wear it.

A split back lil booty peak a booing

Shop Featured:

Dress - Boohoo (similar here)
Harness - DIY Made by moi
Shoes - New Look
Bag - New Look

Nicole x

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Late Nights

Hey Beauties,

So while out and about yesterday I took an impromptu photoshoot. Wearing my favourite Monki trousers, now usually I don't wear trousers but these are so comfy and flattering on my thighs and the print, even though black will always be my homeboy sometimes a lil print never hurts. Channelling my Mrs T as my nan called me earlier ahaha I rocked a Super Thick chain.    

Shop Featured:

Crop top - Asos
Trousers - Monki(similar here)
Shoes - Internacionale

Nicole x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hey Beauties,

So I thought I would let you know more about the person behind the screen. I have seen a lot of positive motivational posts and instagram pics going around, which has got me inspired to share a small detail of my story.

So who is Nicole?

I am a Birmingham native and I have not always been this body confident or confident in general. I was always shy around stranger but full of life around my family "my comfort zone".

Always being a chunkier child I was used to the bullying taunts and they did not just come from the children around me. People who I thought were there as guidance or a supportive ear such as teachers, even after school leaders would join in. Knocking my confidence a little lower than it always was.

After years of this with the help of fashion and the best friends everrrrrr, I managed to see myself for who I was. Crazy weird, random dancing experimental me. Each day I am growing and its great.  Pushing myself to blog throwing myself in at the deep end and seeing how I would survive.

With Fashion being the key to my story I would like to share a company who also helped me get inspired to write this little confessional, EmPowerRing Jewellery.   

They are all about empowering women rewarding ourselves for our achievements. A reminder to ourselves to 'BE BOLD, BE STRONG... MOST IMPORTANT, BE YOURSELF' Right hand rings symbolises the commitment you will make to yourself. Learning to love yourself first and foremost. Celebrate you...

My favourite is this vow ring, it touched my heart so much that I have created a list of vows.

So what do I Vow?

I vow...

- to take more risks

- work through any setbacks

- to love myself more each day

- to keep others feeling empowered 

- to continue my journey with fashion 

What do you Vow???... 

Nicole x

Friday, 1 August 2014

Quick Moment

Hey Beauties,

Short little post today.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all my readers, followers old and new. Thank you for growing with me on my lil old blog and posting such kind comments. I appreciate it all.

Watch this space more exciting things are going to happen.


Nicole xx

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