Monday, 20 April 2015

Summer Dreaming

Hey all,

Nice weather we've been having which can only mean one thing, Summer is a round the corner. My most favourite season. I would say the usually time to bring out the light colours, flowing maxi dresses and kimonos. But that's just not me, my typical colour palette of black remains with usually a dash of colour. 

So summer equals festivals and Carnivals. I love Carnivals the most a giant street party whoop love it. I have been going to them since I was young my nan was even carnival queen in the past. Music and food, especially Jerk chicken my fave in the summer Yes! washed down with a nice Guinness Punch. Yummy I can taste already.

So as graduation looms nearer I procrastinate as you do when there is so much work to do. Oops! By planning outfits to wear this summer or as I call it Freedom. 

Image Map I have fallen in love with this playsuit from Asos so 90's cool snd its baggy yay! lots of room to eat stupid amounts of ice creams and keep cool. These shoes Oh! these shoes have been in my saved list for ages and when I saw Asos Megan wear them it confirmed how much I needed them. Now I love a good Backpack and have been seeing this brand Fjallraven a lot around the streets of London, in uni and Urban Outfitters. I never even knew they did a mini backpack this is amaze, its so cute opting for the navy to match this Ellese bucket hat. I am loving how all the brands I grew up with are coming back in a big way Ellese, Fila, Kangol and Coogi. It is like a 90's refresh. Teamed with a statement hoops, necklace and a anklet. Perfect. Click image to get to item.

Bring on the heat...

Nicole x

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