Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cut Out Vibes

Hey all,

Let me get straight to the point I have wanted to own a jumpsuit in forever, but my issue was always legs were too tight compared to the waist size I needed which was a disaster. Who knew culotte jumpsuit would solve all of this, maybe I did not get that memo. I picked this beauty up at Lavish Alice who had an amazing everything £10 sale (and I was on a spending ban oops, so worth it) Its perfect as I was able to buy true to size as the legs were not an issue.  

Well its cold in London but obviously I must want a cold because I did cut out everything. I could not resist teaming this cut out leather jacket which I picked up in the Asos Sale. Not feeling for an all black day I grabbed my trusty white cleated topshop dupes.

Shop Featured:

Coat - Asos 
Jumpsuit - Lavish Alice (Similar here or Curve here)
Necklace - Kirsty Ward*
Shoes - Ebay 

Nicole x

Any items marked with a * has been won through competition entries and therefore have not been brought with my own money. Also any items marked as c/o have been gifted for reviewing, all opinions are my own and will be honestly reviewed.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Shoreditch Vibes

Hi Beauties,

Just a quick blog post, a little impromptu photoshoot the other day while out and about running errands in London. I have such an addiction to black lips. This has been my winter staple defo a must I will take into spring summer. I found this coat in Topshop sale at a bargain price of £12 yes £12 and it is fleece lined, keeping me extra warm in these disgusting winds in the Uk.

Shop Featured:

Coat - Topshop (Similar Here)
Top - Jordan (Similar Here)
Skirt - Asos 
Bag - Asos (Similar Here)

Nicole x

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Hey Beauties,

So this blog post is called imperfections. For me as a blogger I do not like to edit my pictures, I can tell you 85% are in their unedited state relying on good sunlight and my trusty Dslr. The reason I do that is to learn to love my imperfections which is a big deal coming from a place where loving my self never existed to now. 

This shoot a big imperfection was highlighted, the spots and dark spot scars on my face. Though I wear no make up I still feel extremely self conscious. Dreaming of the days of clearer skin. I kinda loved how this shoot came out.

When I was younger I would always try hide it with hair probably made it a lot worse, but at the time it is what worked for me. Believe it or not I hated pictures of my self because it always highlighted it especially flash. That was my kryptonite as soon as I saw the light I would move so it could not be seen.

I felt ugly in the skin I was in. As time progresses I am learning that I can not allow it to hold me back. For years I wanted to start blogging but not being able to take pictures, because of face and body issues held me back. Till I was like just try it, and it has helped with my confidence a lot especially with pics (I am no selfie queen, by a long shot ahaha)
So what are some of your guys imperfections that you are learning to love? 

Nicole x

P.s Happy New Year, thanks for taking time to read my lil old blog I appreciate every view, share and comment you make  Get ready for some changes they are coming this year :D

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